Mobile Facial Treatments

Au Naturalé Salon and Mobile Beauty offer premium mobile Algologie facial treatments that will help rejuvenate and restore your skin's youthful and healthy glow. Mobile Classic and Marine Essential Facial Treatments are personalised for dry, dehydrated, sensitive, oily, and mature skins.


Beauty from the sea......Algologie, a French skincare range, has created a comprehensive range of skincare and body products. Algologie products contain over 40 natural vitamins, plant hormones and proteins - all completely natural. These products contain the most up-to-date, effective and internationally sourced skincare ingredients to provide real and rapid results. Go on - treat yourself to a lovelier, more youthful skin!


For all mobile pricing, we include travel within the Campbelltown, Camden and Macarthur regions. To confirm if your suburb is included in the areas we service, please check our Suburbs We Service page.  All our Mobile Treatment Bookings adhere to our Mobile Service Terms and Conditions.


To book an appointment today, please call us on 02-4628 6746 or complete our online enquiries form and we will be in contact within 24 hours.

Mobile Classic Facial Treatments

Mobile Refresher Facial

$100 for 45 mins

The perfect pick-me-up when time is short for you, giving fast results in a limited time. The Mobile Refresher Facial includes cleanse, exfoliation, mask, lotion, eye cream and moisturiser. Suitable for all skin types.

Mobile Deep Cleanse Facial

$115 for 60 mins

The Mobile Deep Cleanse Facial detoxifies and restores the natural balance of your skin. This deep cleanse facial removes skin impurities and includes a double cleanse, steam, exfoliation, targeting mask, lotion, eye cream and moisturiser.

Mobile Marine Essential Facial Treatments

Mobile Algologie Marine Essential Facials are more intensive treatments and are personalised to suit your skin type.  These intensive treatments provide all the vitamins and minerals to give fast effective results for a variety of skin conditions as well as relax your mind, body and soul.

Mobile Marine Essential Facial Treatments include cleanse, deep cleanse, steam, exfoliation of the face, neck and décolletage, relaxing massage of the face, neck, décolletage and shoulders, replenishing mask, lotion, eye cream and moisturiser.

Mobile Remineralising Facial

$135 for 90 mins

The Mobile Remineralising Facial will rebuild the skins immune levels increasing oxygenation and blood circulation of the skin, therefore increasing the skins metabolic functions. The skin becomes clear, radiant and balanced; remineralisation is the first essential step. To achieve optimal skin health, up to 3 treatments may be necessary.

Mobile Hydrating Facial

$135 for 90 mins

For all skins showing signs of dehydration and moisture loss. This treatment will infuse the skin with moisture, increase circulation and improve the penetration and retention of vitamins, minerals, and oligo-elements.  Restores the correct level of moisture to a thirsty skin, leaving the skin soft, supple and luminous. 

Mobile Detoxifying Facial

$135 for 90 mins

Get rid of the daily grime that accumulates. Ideal for mixed to oily skins showing signs of clogging and congestion, while experiencing breakouts. This treatment will increase circulation, flush out impurities, absorb excess sebum, decongest clogged pores and combines mask infusion of nutrients to balance the elimination functions.

Mobile Repairing Facial

$135 for 90 mins

For dry skin and signs of poor texture and damage. Essential to repair damaged skin due to environmental aggressions, poor immunity and harsh conditions. This treatment reduces inflammation, focuses on the repair of superficial damage and regeneration of cells and activates the fibroblasts for the synthesis of collagen for a smooth complexion.

Mobile Soothing Facial

$135 for 90 mins

For sensitive and reactive skins showing signs of inflammation, redness, irritation or couperose. The Soothing Facial is a gentle yet effective treatment and will sooth and calm sensitive skins. This treatment is nourishing and refreshing, leaving your skin feeling moisturised, soft, calm and supple.

Mobile Revitalising Facial

$135 for 90 mins

Essential in maintaining a healthy skin. This treatment contains all the necessary elements the skin needs to function at its optimal level. Cleansing, repairing, oxygenating, hydrating, repairing, firms and tones a healthy skin, and is indispensable for its maintenance.

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'I have been a client at Au Naturalé Salon and Mobile Beauty since Pamela first established the business.

Every treatment is a truly 'pampering' experience, whether it be a simple eyebrow wax or one of the divine facials, all of which are delivered at the salon in the surrounds of Pamela's beautiful home.

Pamela is extremely professional and most gracious, always taking the time to ensure the delivery of her treatments meet your needs. With such a wide range of services available, there is no need to go anywhere else and I can't recommend the salon highly enough.'

Penny, Raby, NSW



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