Spa Eyebrow and Eyelash Treatments

Be beautiful all year round with our professional eyebrow tinting and eyelash tinting services plus we offer spa eye treatment packages.


To book an appointment today, phone us on 02-4628 6746. Our online booking system allows you to make an instant booking for in-salon treatments. 


If you have an enquiry complete our online enquiries form and we will be in contact within 24 hours. 

Spa Eye Area Treatments

Eyebrow tint

Eyelash tint

Eyebrow tidy (waxing)

Eyebrow tidy (with comb, scissors and tweezering)

Eyebrow shaping (waxing)







Eyebrow tidy + eyebrow tint

Eyebrow shape + eyebrow tint

Eyelash + eyebrow tint

Eyelash tint + eyebrow tidy

Eyelash tint + eyebrow shape

Eyelash + eyebrow tint + eyebrow tidy

Eyelash + eyebrow tint + eyebrow shape











While choosing the colour for the eyebrow tinting process, our therapist will make sure that it matches with your natural brow and hair colour.  Lasts 2-3 weeks.



Have beautifully dark, natural looking eyelashes every day!

Throw out the mascara and get your eyelashes tinted.

Lasts 3-4 weeks.

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