Spa Waxing for Women

Au Naturalé Salon and Mobile Beauty strive to make your waxing treatment a comfortable one. Our services for women include face, arm, underarm, bikini and leg waxing. We also offer eyebrow tinting and eyelash tinting. 


All waxing services are performed using premium quality wax, designed for sensitive skin, and are performed following strict hygiene standards. 

For waxing treatments we have a strict 100% NO re-dipping policy where all our disposable waxing spatulas used during the treatment are never re-dipped into the waxing pot. We also use gloves which are disposed of at the end of the waxing treatment.


To book an appointment today, phone us on 02-4628 6746. Our online booking system allows you to make an instant booking for in-salon treatments. 


If you have an enquiry complete our online enquiries form and we will be in contact within 24 hours. 



Eyebrow tidy (waxing)

Eyebrow tidy (with comb,
scissors and tweezing)

Eyebrow shaping (waxing)






Lip - upper

Lip - upper and lower 

Sides of Face 


Cheeks - upper


Jawline - under


Full Face (excl brows)











Underarms and Arms

1/2 arms (to elbows)

3/4 arms (above elbows) 
Full arms







Eyebrows and Face Combo Packages

Eyebrow Tidy + Upper Lip

Eyebrow Shape + Upper Lip   

Eyebrow Tidy + Upper & Lower Lip

Eyebrow Shape + Upper & Lower Lip

Eyebrow Tidy + Chin

Eyebrow Shape + Chin









Eyebrow Tidy + Upper Lip + Chin 

Eyebrow Shape + Upper Lip + Chin

Eyebrow Tidy + Upper & Lower Lip + Chin

Eyebrow Shape + Upper & Lower Lip + Chin












Stomach - line
Stomach - half

Stomach - full


1/2 legs (lower legs to knees)

Top 1/2 legs (upper legs)   

3/4 legs (to mid thigh) 

Full Legs





Bikini Area

Bikini line
Bikini extended



Feet and Toes




Legs and Bikini Area Combo Packages

1/2 legs + bikini

1/2 legs + extended bikini

3/4 legs + bikini

3/4 legs + extended bikini





Top 1/2 legs + bikini

Top 1/2 legs + extended bikini

Full legs + bikini line

Full legs + extended bikini





For eyebrows and eyelashes tinting and eye area packages visit Spa Eyebrows and Eyelashes

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Au Naturalé Salon and Mobile Beauty

Garie Close

Woodbine NSW 2560

02 4628 6746

'I have been a client at Au Naturalé Salon and Mobile Beauty since Pamela first established the business.

Every treatment is a truly 'pampering' experience, whether it be a simple eyebrow wax or one of the divine facials, all of which are delivered at the salon in the surrounds of Pamela's beautiful home.

Pamela is extremely professional and most gracious, always taking the time to ensure the delivery of her treatments meet your needs. With such a wide range of services available, there is no need to go anywhere else and I can't recommend the salon highly enough.'

Penny, Raby, NSW



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