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How Hormonal Changes Affect the Signs of Ageing

While you can’t always avoid the signs of ageing as you get older, there are some things that might speed up or slow down the process. One thing to keep in mind is that your hormonal changes can affect the signs of ageing. Whether you are a man or woman, the hormonal (im)balance can negatively affect ageing and speed up the signs of ageing on your face (and other areas) much quicker.

Here is what you need to know about hormonal changes and the signs of ageing:


The first hormone that can impact how your body and skin ages, is progesterone. Both men and women produce progesterone, and it helps with boosting your immune system and regulating how well you sleep each night. When you have an imbalance of progesterone, it can lead to high amounts of stress from lack of sleep, foggy brain, and mood swings, all of which can eventually lead to premature signs of ageing.


The next hormone you should know about is cortisol, which is a hormone that helps produce collagen in your skin, which is what causes it to tighten up and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

You need more collagen in your skin, but if you have a lot of stress in your life - it can lead to a decrease in cortisol, which then means you start to have thin and sagging skin. To help with the appearance of ageing, try to reduce your stress levels so you can hold onto that cortisol.


Estrogen is a hormone experienced by women which can have a much bigger effect on your ageing than you might imagine. Your ovaries produce estrogen before and after menopause, which is around the time when you are most likely to notice the signs of ageing.

You need estrogen to help control the signs of ageing, but as it declines, it starts to reduce its effectiveness. If you have a stressful life or an unhealthy one, you might notice that your estrogen levels drop before menopause and you show the signs of ageing prematurely.

If you are concerned about hormonal imbalances and how they affect ageing, contact your doctor. Your doctor may run blood tests to look at your current hormonal levels and determine if they are out of balance and what you can do about it. This will help guide you with remedies for improving your youthful appearance and reducing the signs of (premature) ageing, including anti-ageing creams and facials.

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