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A New Face Every Month - Importance of Home Care and Regular Facials

Did you know it takes about four weeks for your face to move through the full life cycle of skin cells exfoliating and rejuvenating? So effectively every four weeks you practically have a new face.

However in those thirty days you probably choke your cells with creams, make up, chemicals, oils and dirt from your hands, environmental pollution and more.

All of these toxic layers build up and suffocate your pores and cells that are trying to rejuvenate. This all makes your body work harder to try and come back to a healthy status as we are adding more pressure to its natural role. This is why those ladies that invest in a facial minimum once a month always have a certain glow over those that do not. They seem to look fresher, younger and healthier.

Why? Well the reason why is the beauty therapist they are visiting has all the skills and tools to support your skin heal from breakouts and sun damage from heat and humidity AND dry and flakiness from cold wintery air.

A visit approximately every four weeks will ensure your skin stays hydrated, toned and bright looking.

Regardless of whether you go once a month, or once a season – there are some things you can do at home to prolong the benefits of your facial, support your skin and make sure that you are getting the best return on your skin investment.

Cleanse daily with a PH balance product that your beauty therapist recommends as they will select one that suits your skin type and works in conjunction with the type of facial you have received.

Be gentle on your face and do not be too vigorous – your beauty therapist has already given you a deep clean, there is no need for you to rough your face up. They have given you an amazing glow so lets just support it rather than strip it away. Understand that if you have had a chemical treatment on your face, then the skin can be more sensitive to sunlight so check with your beauty therapist as to what products to use and avoid as you transition through this period. For example some sunscreens can irritate your skin post chemical treatments.

Finally, sometimes we are lead to believe (with phrases such as “if it is too good to be true, then it probably is”) that the pampering bliss you get from a fantastic facial is not something you should do all the time. It is a treat and we were always told to limit our treats, no?

Well hold on to your hats ladies – this treat is one that you can indulge in every month and not only feel fabulous but invest in it knowing that you are taking the right steps into ensuring your gorgeous face remains glowing and thankful for you taking the time to look after it.

Remember to love the skin you are in. Treat it well and you will look and feel amazing for years to come.

About Us

We understand that life, especially for women, can be extremely busy and hectic and sometimes you just need some ‘me’ time to escape and feel rejuvenated again.

Our welcoming, accredited, private one-on-one beauty salon and quiet, secluded surroundings in a residential location in Woodbine, Campbelltown, promote a sense of tranquillity and serenity enabling your body to feel both completely relaxed and de-stressed. For your convenience, VIP on-site parking is available right outside our front door, away from shopping centres and Campbelltown CBD.

Pamela, a fully accredited and licensed Beauty Therapist with over 12 years of experience, delivers personalised, high-quality, pampering beauty treatments for women, customising all treatments to suit your individual needs and circumstances, using only the best professional products for your facial and body needs including Algologie and Fleur De Mer. We stock the full range of Algologie and Fleur De Mer products.

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To book a personalised facial treatment tailored especially for you and your skin care needs, contact Pamela on 0493 041 057. Alternatively complete our online enquiries form and we will be in contact within 24 hours.


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