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Spring Skincare Secrets

It is time to spring up your skin – after being hammered by the wind, rain and cold all over the winter, the sun is starting to show itself again and so it is now the ideal time for you to book those spa appointments and get your spring glow on.

The first thing you might want to consider at this time of year is getting your skin looking its absolute best. Start by sloughing off the dead skin of the last few months – just book yourself in for a deliciously invigorating exfoliating facial, packed with all the nourishing and firming ingredients that make for a gorgeous glow.

If that idea appeals to you, why not take things a step further and really invest in your skin this season?

There are so many amazing, rejuvenating facial treatments available at Au Naturalé Salon and Mobile Beauty that there will be something that is bound to suit you and your personal skincare routine.

Have you thought about trying a course of microdermabrasion for example? This is a fantastic way to refresh the condition of your skin and using Fleur De Mer products is the most effective alternative for skins wanting to refine, without the use of expensive machinery. Microdermabrasion aids in reducing the effects of sun damage, pigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles, providing the skin with a soft, smooth and more luminous appearance instantly. Fleur de Mer, a privately owned Australian company, has a range of cosmeceutical products, formulated with unique technology to provide quick, visible results to satisfy the vast demand for non-surgical skincare in Australia. A course of microdermabrasion treatments will leave your skin looking fabulous – in fact just one treatment often reveals a brighter, younger-looking skin. Feel free to ask Pamela for more information.

Another top-class spring skin saver is the peel. Skin peels range from gentle to strong, and while the stronger peels suit people who might be needing extra help because of a specific skin condition, a gentle peel generally suits most people. These can also be booked as multiples, and they have a cumulative effect. They remove the top, dead layer of skin cells and reveal the fresh, younger looking skin underneath. Pamela is available to talk you through what suits you, and how often you should have a peel.

Why not try our professional hand and feet care services? Choose from pampering manicures and luxurious pedicures to trimming and filing of fingernails and toenails. Our spa manicure and pedicure treatments will give your hands and feet a fresh look, or a lively freshen up with a switch of colour for your hands and feet.

Of course, what goes into your body has a major effect on the condition your skin is in. If you are like many of us, you might have swapped your water intake with hot drinks and warming soups over the winter. It is time to up your intake of cool, plain water again.

Make sure that your moisturiser contains a good broad-spectrum sunscreen so that you do not get caught out with the emergence of the sun’s rays after all this time.

And why not change up your diet too? Ditch the stodgy comfort food for spring fruits and veggies, lighter meals and nutritious salads that give your skin (and the rest of you) even more of a glow this spring season.

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We understand that life, especially for women, can be extremely busy and hectic and sometimes you just need some ‘me’ time to escape and feel rejuvenated again.

Our welcoming, accredited, private one-on-one beauty salon and quiet, secluded surroundings in a residential location in Woodbine, Campbelltown, promote a sense of tranquillity and serenity enabling your body to feel both completely relaxed and de-stressed. We have convenient on-site parking right in front and are minutes from local transport.

Pamela, a fully accredited and licensed Beauty Therapist with over 10 years of experience, delivers personalised, bespoke high-quality, pampering beauty treatments women, customising all treatments to suit your individual needs and circumstances.

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If you would like to book a beauty treatment, or if you have an enquiry, contact Pamela on 02-4628 6746. Alternatively complete our online enquiries form and we will be in contact within 24 hours.

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'I have been a client at Au Naturalé Salon and Mobile Beauty since Pamela first established the business.

Every treatment is a truly 'pampering' experience, whether it be a simple eyebrow wax or one of the divine facials, all of which are delivered at the salon in the surrounds of Pamela's beautiful home.

Pamela is extremely professional and most gracious, always taking the time to ensure the delivery of her treatments meet your needs. With such a wide range of services available, there is no need to go anywhere else and I can't recommend the salon highly enough.'

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