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Skin Care for Swimming Season

As the temperatures start to rise, our thoughts turn to holidays, and the idea of a long cold swim. As any professional or recreational swimmer will tell you, swimming is great for your body but can wreak havoc on your skin, so if you intend to get in the pool this summer season, you will need to take some skin care precautions first.

A beach holiday can cause your skin some serious trauma if you do not prep first. Even being a regular visitor to the hotel pool can dry out your skin – you know that weird chemical smell you get on your skin after a dip in a swimming pool? Imagine what it is doing to your skin if it smells that bad?

It is not just the salt, chlorine and other chemicals that can mess with your skin’s comfort zone. Sitting around in the sunshine getting a tan (please do not – the shade is so much better for you), will not help your skin’s condition, not using enough sun screen with a high enough SPF, forgetting to reapply sunscreen after a swim and letting skin get too dry in the heat can all cause skin care stress.

If your skin is dry and itchy, it is probably down to chemicals in the pool. They have to be there to kill bugs but in some countries, they can be a little over-zealous and the result is itchy, dry skin that does not look great uncovered. Even ozone pools can irritate some people’s skin so just be aware before you take a dip. Sea water can be harsh on your skin too; although in some places the mineral content is beneficial and can soothe skin conditions, salt water can be an irritant.

Keep yourself hydrated – if your skin is thirsty it is more prone to chlorine and other damage. Chlorine breaks down your skin’s natural defences to other irritants too, so make sure that you drink plenty of water to help skin resist chlorine’s effects. Staying hydrated also prevents sun stroke and general dehydration which can creep up on you quickly in a hot climate. Always carry a bottle of water with you and sip from it regularly – your skin will thank you and you do not always realise how much extra water you’ll need.

Always shower after you have been in the water – do not just get straight onto the sun loungers. This washes off any salt, chlorine or other nasties that might have been in the water, and gives you a better base on which to apply your moisturising sun screen.

It is more effective to use a normal sun screen and reapply it after you have been swimming than rely on waterproof. If you wash the chlorine off in the shower after your swim, you will be taking some of the waterproof sun screen with you and you never really know how much will be left. Opt for a decent SPF (50 if the sun is strong) and keep slapping it on.

When you are indoors again, apply a good moisturising body lotion all over to replenish the moisture you have lost through sun, sea and chlorine.

Looking for a SPF50+ Sunscreen or Sunblock?

Fleur de Mer SPF 50+ sunscreen and sunblock are available for purchase in the salon at Au Naturalé.

Fleur de Mer 50+ sunscreen and sunblock are very high protection broad spectrum creams and come in clear (untinted) or sunblock foundation creams (tinted).

The clear (untinted) sunscreen contains Vitamin E, comes as a very soft white cream with immediate absorption and non-reactive fragrance. On application it thins out, spreads and absorbs easily. On cessation it stays fixed on the skin giving prolonged protection with no whitening. Its texture is generally considered better than the leading brands.

The sunblock has very high protection and these tinted creams make you look good too. They come in three beautiful shades ranging from LIGHT (very subtle, discreet coverage) to MEDIUM (somewhat darker) with SOFT MEDIUM (in between). They are all really soft and easy to apply and hide completely blemishes, pores and lines while transforming your face with a beautiful, healthy glow.

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